Need help with a Lobby's Pathway

Hello everyone.

I really wanted help on this topic because for the longest time, I’ve been trying to find a better solution to making a better pathway for a lobby.

The only way I knew I could make a good looking path was to using parts and connecting them using Geomtools’s Gapfill plugin but by using this, the path now has many parts which isn’t great for performance (also I used mesh to create sort of a spot for connecting multiple paths.

This is what it looks like within the lobby.

I also tried to improve by merging all the parts into one big mesh but it was difficult to make the size work with the lobby’s layout so I couldn’t do that.

If you think you can help then please do so, I would love it!

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Hello there, Tarf!

I understand what you mean, several parts are being used to make the path which makes the game peformance quite bad, especially for lower end devices.

Here is an option you could try. Use a plugin called Archimedes (v3.1.9). This plugin allows you to make smooth arcs, circles, corners etc. When installed and activated you would know what I mean and it is quite easy to use, and quite useful for pavements, paths and roads.

It doesnt use as many parts as the Geomtools’s Gapfill plugin which would allow the game peformance to be smooth.

Here is the Archimedes (v3.1.9) plugin: Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox


If you are worried about performance then union the path together, if theres clipping issues with the character being above it then turn off the collision. (Assuming that they won’t fall from the map.

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Hi Tarf,

I hope you are having a great day.

One option could be making a path with Roblox’s terrain system. I do see that the rest of your map is solid block, so this may not be the most aesthetically-practical option.

As said, Archimedes/making it a union are your best options. Personally, I would use Archimedes. It’s easier for you to manipulate the parts, and a union can be difficult to work with if you have to separate it to edit a section of the pathway. Archimedes will likely use so few parts that you will not need to end up making a union to prevent lag.

Also, I do not recommend using Gapfill because, from my experience, it creates tons of parts, some of which are very difficult to select.

Please reach out if you need help getting acquainted with Archimedes!

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Thanks everyone!

I appreciate everyone’s solution because I didn’t think of using Archimedes to make corners or circles for the path.

Thanks for helping me out with this problem.

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