Need help with a NPC launching a player when touching it

Hello all!
Im having a issue with some npc “launching” players sometimes when they touch it (see vids below). I have no idea how to solve it.
The NPC itself its a flying thing thats moves at 2-5 studs from ground, all parts but “head” being CanCollide = false and massless
I wonder if there is some kind of “disable player’s physics” that doesnt break jumping. Or maybe a method to check when the player is gonna be launched to abort the directional force

If it isn’t needed for the player to touch the NPC, you might be able to consider using collision groups, which would make the NPC not be able to collide with the player.


It may be because the player being launched is Rthro…? I played games with my character being Rthro and I got stuck and got flung very often.

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The collision groups solution proposed by ThousandDegreeKnife was effective; giving the npcs a collision group different from Default, the players are not launched anymore (since the npc cant press them againt the floor)