Need help with ACS gun system


How would I make it so players cant shoot players that don’t have a gun and can they only shoot players WITH guns. I’m using the ACS 1.7.5 version.

Make the players without guns godmode. Could also use collectionservice to add/remove tags based on their equipment, and to have the damage calculator check for tags.

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Something like this?

local CollectionService = game:GetService("CollectionService")

-- Function to add god mode tag to player

local function enableGodMode(player)

CollectionService:AddTag(player, "GodMode")


-- Function to remove god mode tag from player

local function disableGodMode(player)

CollectionService:RemoveTag(player, "GodMode")


-- Function to calculate damage based on player's tags

local function calculateDamage(player, damageAmount)

if CollectionService:HasTag(player, "GodMode") then

return 0 -- Player with god mode takes no damage


return damageAmount



-- Example usage:

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer -- Replace with the actual player you want to modify

-- Enable god mode for the player


-- Calculate damage, considering god mode

local damage = 10

local finalDamage = calculateDamage(player, damage)

print("Final Damage:", finalDamage)

-- Disable god mode for the player


-- Calculate damage again, without god mode

finalDamage = calculateDamage(player, damage)

print("Final Damage:", finalDamage)

Sure, depends on what you want exactly. You could probably also do team-based invincibility, something’s probably supported in the system natively.