Need Help With AI Problem!


Recently, I ran into a problem with the AI, where the bot would shoot me even when I was on the same team as it. There is a dedicated allies variable but doesn’t seem to work anymore. If anyone has a fix for this, please help!

local allies = {game.Teams.British}

local potentialTargets = {game.Teams.Natives}
function findTarget()
	local dist = 200
	local target = nil
	potentialTargets = {}
	local seeTargets = {}
	for _,v in ipairs(workspace:GetChildren()) do
		local human = v:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
		local torso = v:FindFirstChild("Torso") or v:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
		if human and torso and v.Name ~= script.Parent.Name then
			if (myTorso.Position - torso.Position).magnitude < dist and human.Health > 0 then
				for i,x in ipairs(allies) do
					if x == v.Name then
					elseif i == #allies then

If you need anymore of the script, please let me know, and ill send screenshots!

It doesn’t seem like your script is checking the team of a target at all.

The line

if x == v.Name then

does not check for a team.

Every player has a Team property. Perhaps you should check if the human in question is a player, and then check if their team is in the allies array

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I’ve been working on this for about an hour now, it seems I can’t get it to work, here’s the original variable if it helps at all.

local allies = {script.Parent.Name,"Dev_BB1"}

local potentialTargets = {}