Need help with AlignOrientation and AngularVelocity used together

I have a part with a Seat welded to it (A “ship”):

In the explorer, it looks like this:


  • The LinearVelocity is to make the ship float/fly (ignore).
  • The AlignOrientation is used to make it not flip over when a player sits on it. (Ship suspended by LinearVelocity so it wobbles without it)
  • The AngularVelocity is to steer.
  • The attachment is at the centre of Main, and is the Attachment0 for the constraints listed above.

My question is, how would I be able to use the AlignOrientation to make it not flip over or wobble when a player (or other things with mass) get on it, while still being able to apply torque with AngularVelocity? Or, do something equivalent with other Constraints? If it is not possible, please tell me!

I’ve tried to make the AlignOrientation weaker, and it allowed the Angular to work, but the Align stopped. I don’t know what to do.

thx for reading

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