Need help with an anti exploit that combats the new way people are bypassing

i made an anti exploit script and everything works. but i can’t seem to figure a fix to this new exploit ppl are doing. i made an anti-reach exploit and a random exploiter helped me and shown me a bypass and helped me understand it and now i know about it but can’t figure a fix. ppl are bypassing by changing “touching” on touch. like if character touched a part it’s now sent to server. i forgot exactly but there’s even a devforum of someone mentioning this way of exploiting. how ppl can just bypass now cause players character. it’s something new to me. but can anyone help me out or tell me where a good place to start would be? i’m used to client sided coding not server sided as much. and i’m new of hearing this way of exploiting.

You’re definitely going to need to give more of an explanation. The Touch event can be exploited because it’s, at least of this moment, client-dependent. Meaning that the client can fire the Touch event without even being near the part involved. This is the same for TouchEnded and the Click event of ClickDetectors. Clients can obviously teleport to those parts as well. Also this isn’t anything new, unless you’re talking about something else.

But the way to fix the remotely fired events is to simply check the distance between the player’s character and the part in question.

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thank you. what i was looking for just some insight on this “new exploit” i say new exploit cause it’s new to hear to me. a filter enabled bypass i knew the old ones but not this way. haven’t been up to date on it either till recently cause ppl are wanting me to work on my game and finish it lol and i need an anti exploit and i made one but doesn’t stop that “new” exploit and i don’t know much about it

This “new” exploit is a function some exploits have called “firetouchinterest”
You can make the server think a touch interest was touched from any distance, and the part you’re firing it with doesn’t have to be in your character (although, I think at least one of them does)

you can do firetouchinterest(partToTouch, partToTouchWith, 0) to fake a touched event
If you have ownership over either the part to touch, or the part to touch with I believe, it will fire the event.

magnitude checks work, but there are some super hacky ways that I don’t remember off the top of my head

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appreciate the info provided. i’m glad to learn

Hello, i really appreciate this, can u provide me with that antireach anticheat