Need help with Art- PhotoPea

Hello, Im trying to make a “Happy New Year” sign (my first attempt at it) on Photopea but I cant figure out on how to make the letters a different color than the background. I also want other feedback and anything else I can improve on. Thanks

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I believe it’s the black box next to the size setting in the top middle. I’m pretty sure you also need to select the text to change the color.

I tried it and it only does the outline of the letters.

I believe that’s because the letters themselves are just outlines. You can Ctrl click the layer, create a new layer, edit → fill, then select the inside with the magic wand tool, then fill that selection.

Its the font thats the problem - thats just how that specific font works and looks so try a different one. gl :slight_smile:

Your right it was just the font. I tried the same font but it was filled and now it looks right.

You’re welcome! anytime! good luck!