Need Help with Cart Derailing and Correct Constraints in Roblox

Hello fellow Roblox developers,

I am currently facing an issue with cart derailing and setting the correct constraints in my game. I have been struggling to find a solution, and I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice from the community.

Problem Description:

In my game, I have implemented a cart system where players can ride and explore different tracks. However, I am encountering an issue where the cart frequently derails or behaves unexpectedly when going over bumps or curves. I believe this problem is related to the constraints I have set for the cart or just overall the track setup.

Expected Behavior:

I want the cart to smoothly navigate through the tracks without derailing or losing stability. It should be able to handle various terrains, including bumps and curves, without compromising the player’s experience, and also going at very high speeds without derail.

Current Approach:
Currently, I am using the default constraints provided by Roblox for the cart. I have attempted to tweak the settings, such as adjusting the friction, mass, and constraints, but I have not been able to achieve the desired stability.

Request for Assistance:
I am seeking advice or suggestions from experienced developers who have encountered similar issues or have expertise in creating stable cart systems in Roblox. Specifically, I would appreciate guidance on the correct constraints to use for the cart to ensure smooth navigation without derailing.

Thank you in advance for your time and support!
Place1.rbxl (90.1 KB)

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you could
so like

it gets stoped before it can derail

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thanks for this i’ll let you know later if it’s more stable. meanwhile is there more ways to do this. i am applying it currently. or u can just send the place XD

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just extend the cylinders and add a part. weld the cylinders to the part and yeah

you could add a counterweight but that requires the roblox physics which I don’t know much about… basically make it too heavy to bounce around.

you could also duplicate the top part of the track so that it is over the wheels.
that way the cart can’t go anywhere (except for the course… of course)

how can i try doing align position and orientation because that seems most effective and just put a pink part or whatever color under the cart?

im not sure what you mean. you just need to add a part and two welds. color doesn’t matter, it could be invisible even. as long as it can collide with the track.

for context this is what i meant

that is using a different method than the one I gave. If you wanna do that then that’s fine, just do what they did.

if you talking about the og post, then its different because theirs is constraining the cart on the outside. yours is on the inside so it should have no problems hitting turns.

Well I don’t really know how to do this but I tried copying the cart rails above it which works but I forgot how to do it anymore lol it was like last years attempt and it was satisfying to watch cart go super fast speeds without derail. Can you like make a premade that just does that then I’ll make you as a solution! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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i would but i dont have much experience with cart rides. The roblox file you gave didn’t work at all for me. If you did it before, can you just find the place file that you did it on?

what are you having problems with?

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No problems just forgot how to do it but I’ll look for it right now after I eat brb

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I can now go 25-300 speeds without derailing! It’s super satisfying! I found my old place thanks for your help and I added more custom tracks if you wanna see it. I’m excited to build it longer especially since I’ve been wanting it to so it’s gonna be a good cart game


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