Need Help With Character Jumping Problem

Whenever a character seems to jump, they seem to go forward and have a weird bounce to them too. I had a problem where the bounce was really bad, but I had turn collide off on the torso, root part, and legs. whenever I turn collide off on the torso, the character feels wonkier and goes into the ground as well. is there a way to get rid of this? I wanna try to keep the hip height the same length
Video Example Here

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I think it s the rig problem…
you should try adding a hitbox or something

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leme see your code…
or is it the roblox normal jump code

sorry it is 11pm at my end so i have to sleep .

how could I add a hitbox? and also its the roblox normal jump code as well. im sorry for the long response I have been very busy.

add a part and scale it to how big the character is
make the part transparent and weld it to the character

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Also … You can go to the humanoid of the rig and change the value of the HipHeight by 0.5-1 in the humanoid to prevent it from bouncing . If you do not want to change the HipHeight then oh well =(

Make it cancollide off! Please mark this as a solution if it helped you!