Need help with creating a dashing system

I want to recreate a dashing system for my game like the one shown on the video

How should I go about recreating it? Should I use vectorforces, bodyvelocity, tweening etc…
I tried this solution but the character goes through walls and the animation is played on the server (it should be played on the client instead for smoother movement).


bump since this got lost in new

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I haven’t been able to get certain things to work on the client. Might be wrong, but I think Roblox kind of forces things to be on the server. Even if you “Play:()” an “animation” on the client, I believe it replicates to the server from the Animator or something. I also haven’t touched studio in a while. :person_shrugging:

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Now it’s up to how you want to actually “move” the player:
Dashing 10 9 2022.rbxl (50.4 KB)

Edit: It’s basically the exact same steps as the thing I said here. You could play an “animation”, like the thing in studio literally called an animation, on the client. However, the player wouldn’t be able to see it as it is first-person.

You can force first-person by doing this btw:


I updated it and now it works, well kind of. You move fast when in the air, but not when on the ground. This is due to friction (Fn) and gravity (Fg). If you want consistency with your dash, you probably shouldn’t use forces, or at least it complicates a ton of things.

Dashing-Physics-Test.rbxl (50.5 KB)


Thank you for the response.

I found tweening to be more consistent, but the only problem is going through walls. I would probably need to make a custom character and movement system to make vectorforces work properly. Could there be a way to make collisions work when tweening the characters position or create a consistent vectorforce that doesnt have friction or acceleration.

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why not edit the player’s assemblylinearvelocity in every stepped frame for a set period of time, this way friction will not affect the dash acceleration

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Is this something you want?

It uses ApplyImpulse so it respects all collisions and physics.

Dashing.rbxl (36.3 KB)

Press E to dash.


Ill probably try that, thank you.

That is close to what I want to achieve, If I can’t find any better solution then I would go with that. Thank you!


I can also try to make a frictionless version if you want.

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Sure, if you want to make a frictionless version then that would be even better.