Need help with custom water

I was wonder how would i go by making custom anime style water on roblox? something like this i saw from twitter.

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A lot of particles and time.
Ive tried making one of these with failure.
If you do find a proper way / a formula please let me know!

Are you sure this is actually Roblox? Anyways, in order to do that you need to understand this, that is probably not real water, but a brick with a different decals changing quickly creating an animation on, and a lot of particles. Once you created the part you can simply make it swimmable, there’s a lot of tutorials on how to make a swimmable part. Thank you

yeah it has to be all baked its not going to be dynamic

You can use this plugin for custom animated water. (You have to place a part and then use the plugin on the part to turn it into animated water. After that, you can add water from the Roblox terrain underneath the animated water part so that people can swim)