Need Help with Designing a Lobby

So, the lobby isn’t the most important part of the game since it isn’t actually part of the game. However, it’s the first thing the players see, so I want the lobby to fit the style, professionalism, and aesthetic of the game. What should the lobby be?

The game is a murder-mystery-esque game that starts with 15 players being invited to a large luxury cabin mansion for a party. However, each round, the lights go out, and the murderer has to kill someone.

In order to fit the game, here are some ideas for what the lobby should be:

  • A crime scene
  • A police station
  • The street across from the house/ The forest where the house is located

Also, here are some things that need to be included in the lobby:

  • A room to teleport you to the game
  • A room to teleport you to a tutorial
  • A store
  • An area to spawn in
  • A “credits” place
  • Leaderboards
  • A fountain for donations (or anything, really, for donations)
  • A changing room (unsure)

Also, give me ideas of what to include in the lobby. So, for instance, if you suggest for the lobby to be a police station, what should be included in the police station?

Also, I wasn’t sure of whether to put this in “Game Design Support” or “Building Support” since it’s kind of both. It’s mostly about the design in itself rather than building, so I put in “Game Design Support”. If I wrongly categorized this post, please don’t hesitate to correct me!

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I really like the idea of a crime scene as the lobby. Maybe even when all players are transported back to the lobby, the bodies involed in the crime scene (ex. the police officers, victim, etc) change, just to create a sensation of “change” in your game.

The crime scene/lobby would take place in the forest, close enough to where people can see the house.

Since it’s outdoors, maybe a room wouldn’t be needed for everything? Like a room to teleport you to the game/tutorial could just be a pad outdoors near the crime scene.

The area to spawn in would also be outside near the crime scene. Though there would be a cabin very close to the crime scene for a store, a backroom for leaderboards/credits and another backroom for a changing room.

If you don’t like this, you could just make a huge cabin mansion with rooms for all of these things and outside of the window would be a police station.

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