Need help with finding / making sound effects for my game!

For many days I have been trying to find the right sound effects for my fighting game, which I have recently started making. I don’t know how to describe it well, but basically there are these types of sound effects that don’t really come from any source and are only used to inform the player, for example, a strong attack that needs to be blocked. What are these sounds called? How can I find them? does anyone know? Thanks in advance

There is many sounds on the Roblox website free to use!
You can go to the Develop Section on the Roblox website / Create Section, as they may be named differently.
Then you can go to the Creator Marketplace and look at audio, I will link where it is sectioned at.

Link To Audio Marketplace:
You can pretty much search up any SFX in this library, hope I helped!

Hey, thanks for the comment, I already know about the “amazing” roblox sound library and have looked there many times. My problem is that I don’t know what the name of this type of sounds is

So what I usually do is type, (“Insert Name” Sound effect), however sadly Roblox’s sound library isn’t the best and may not have what you’re looking for, so that’s where you got to get into the magical making of sound effects.
Which personally, I recommend tutorials on making as it helps big time.

As @CloudYugen suggested the roblox library helps, be sure to type in a sound effect into the search and add a “SFX” at the end of it, ie. “Punch SFX”.

If you can’t find what you are looking for this place helps me:

I found the sounds i needed from outside source

Great, would you mind sharing the resource, so whoever comes in this thread looking for a solution can find it as well… thanks.

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