Need help with finding the name of some functions

I am in the need of some functions to make myself a plugin. I couldn’t find the names of the function on my own so I need your help. I know they ecist, but I juet forgot their names. This is what I’m looking for:

  • Function that exports model as a local file
  • Function that imports model from local file

I know Roblox has more functions which do the same thing, so if you find more than one, please list them. Thanks!

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I swear you can just right click on a model and click “export to file” or something but I may be wrong. Same thing goes for importing models. As long as you have the file, you just drag it into workspace and Roblox handles everything for you.

I know I can do that, but I am trying to make a fast way to convert an Union into a MeshPart, so I need real functions here. To use in scripts.

As of now I have answered the following questions using this function.

I don’t know if it exports as an .obj or as an .rbxm but oh well.

I haven’t discovered a method to import the .obj though, so I still need help here.

try these


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