Need help with GAME ICON moderated

Hello. I recently created a game icon for my game. But, Every time I upload it, I get the moderated symbol. Here is the logo:
Shirt (2)
I don’t know why it get moderated but if you know ! Feel free to leave a comment for help me.

Have a good day !

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It could be the text on the figure’s arm. Small, illegible text will get your image moderated.
It could also be the combination of colors, particularly the use of red on the figure.
So you could try editing out the “Wor” text and shifting the red in the image to another color, like blue, and then try again to see if that resolves your problem.

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Ok let me try. If it don’t work idk what to do

Shirt (3) Ok. I changed the colours, I will now change the “wor”