Need Help With GraphicsTexture

Ive tried everything ive deleted things related to decals, but i am still experiencing high GraphicsTexture Usage this is how high it is!

Can Anyone Help?

Assessing The Issue

Can you find any textures around the workspace? Not only decals, we have Texture and MeshPart.TextureID.

Large images can be a problem. I guess.

Yea i have some textures but they are not major but ill check.
The Sidwalks have a Texture

Most Of These Screenshots i show you i used BTools on them and they didnt make much of a difference on the counter.

Did you UV Map your textures or did you just apply them?

i just apply them to the part i mostly use decals.

Those building windows look like to be the culprits behind this. Try removing those and test(remember to save backup) for the memory of GraphicsTexture.

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so i removed them it didnt touch the GraphicsTexture and somehow raised the client usage?



It has to be something in the rendering, maybe UI. The other guess.

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when i remove everything it goes down to 60mb GraphicsTexture so its something ill check the UIS…

not the UIS?

Not entirely sure, but check the count of decals or textures in the Explorer by typing Decal or Texture in the search filter.

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well some decals are named is there a script that just checks them all lol like a counter of how many there are like this one that is free on the dev forum

local parts = 0
local meshes = 0
local unions = 0

for _,obj in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
    if obj:IsA('BasePart') then
        if obj:IsA('MeshPart') then
            meshes = meshes + 1
        elseif obj:IsA('UnionOperation') then
            unions = unions + 1
            parts = parts + 1

print('--- COMPLETE ---')
print('Parts: '
print('Meshes: '..meshes)
print('Unions: '..unions)
print('Total: ' + unions + meshes)

Apparently this counts parts only. No decals though. To add a decal checker, add a local decals = 0 and an elseif obj:IsA("Decal") or obj:IsA("Texture") then and finally adding up the decals counter, which then can be printed out later.

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its says 0?

Wait, where did you put the elseif statement?

It should be in the scope of if obj:IsA('BasePart') then

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i have 2060 decals

i have 1271 textures… it says decals because i didnt change the name

Woh, that’s a lot for a game. Check if you have duplicated textures or decals on one surface.

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whats weird is i only know a few places with decals i can say there was not 2060?

if textureids on meshes count as a decal or a part of GraphicsTexture then that might be my problem.

well i found something i forgot i made… well its a minecraft grass block car and i found this.

That’s a lot of them, looks like you found the source.

Let’s see if removing them solves the issue.