Need help with level design and detailing

  • What are I attempting to achieve?
    A more visually appealing environment with more props and details akin to real life.

  • What is the issue?
    I feel this environment area in my game is missing something: Detail and more visually appealing environment.

  • What solutions have I tried so far?
    Looking for tutorials on game design on youtube.

This game is about the poolrooms, therefor the walls made of tiles are staying. I want to know what i could add to make this stay close to poolrooms, but feel like an abandoned swimming pool, that is in a relatively good condition.

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The main issue with this design is the ceiling is quite tall, however, you have zero lights anywhere and instead use floating invisible lights
To fix this I’d start with deleting all those lights and adding in light sources, these could be wall flood lights or sunlight, like sublimity is more known for

ofc youre going to have invisible lights put back but this time with less brightness because the physical lights should be doing more work now

Build issues:
At the moment your walls are just in a basic rectangle shape, which can be fine if they’re decorated and short, however your walls are pretty flat from floor to ceiling and very tall
I would put square/rectangle holes in the upper parts at an angle, like the picture above, for sunlight to come in or maybe bigger sections cut out. Anything to make the walls not flat

The pool itself is an odd shape which is good but its surroundings dont match and are pretty empty, I would put basic pool rails in to add more to it

honestly theres not much you can do to this to make it look better without redoing almost all of it


as far as extra props go. Look up images of actual indoor pools and add some elements from there.

Lifeguard chair + other lifeguard things

Life preserver

ladder off the side

chairs/ benches for bystanders

lights inside of the pool