Need help with light reflection on the floor

Howdy, everyone!

Me and a close friend of mine are making a project together about the innovation hub, but recently we noticed a small issue in the build.

Please take a look at the images:



If you haven’t noticed, the red floor is reflecting a white light, we’re trying to figure out how to remove the reflection from the floor, we tried changing the lighting properties, but it doesn’t completely remove it, and changing the material will make it look bad.
(notice that this happens ONLY when the player camera gets closer to the floor)


  • we’re using shadow map
  • the floor reflection is set to 0

if you have any idea how to fix this issue then please don’t hesitate to tell me down below.
Thank You.

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Is your graphics setting on max? If not what happens if you turn it to max

my graphics are already at max

What material is the floor? Also in lighting is EnviromentSpecularScale set to anything but 0?

I put the image where the floor looks white into a color picker and picked one of the lights, and the output value was RGB (247,248,226), maybe try making the lights more yellow?

take a look at the images

Try setting specular to 0, see if it changes. If not, set specular and diffuse to 0. Let me know what happens.

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Metal + specular can make reflections, that should fix it by turning off specular.

seems to be working, thx for your help.

No problem, keep up the good work!