Need help with lighting

I am trying to change my lighting properties through script, but it wont work and I am not getting an error code, I cannot find much on this topic, this is my current code:

local light = game:GetService("Lighting")

light.Ambient =, 18, 29)
light.Brightness = 0.682
light.ColorShift_Top =, 30, 49)
light.OutdoorAmbient =, 7, 17)
light.ExposureCompensation = 0.15
light.ShadowSoftness = 0.01

Any help would be great.

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I just ran that snippet from a LocalScript and it worked. Is there more to the script, or just that?

I was using a normal script, when I switched to a local script it worked, but now I’m even more confused, why is every part glowing white? when I changed those same properties through the properties tab instead of a script, it looked fine.

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I believe it’s caused by you using, use Color3.fromRGB() to get an accurate color, as you did in the properties panel.


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