Need help with linear velocity


I’m currently doing a bubble for a adventure game, the bubble will make levitate or make the player up.
I have no idea how to do that, i tried making true massless for all parts bubble/Player but didn’t worked.

I heard of linear velocity, how do that work and how can i use it ?


LinearVelocity is an Instance that you can make, its not just a property of the rootpart (as what i assume you have done given the error message).

Just try something like this and mess around with the LineDirection and MaxForce properties.

local LinearVelocity ="LinearVelocity", HumanoidRootPart)
LinearVelocity.LineDirection = -- direction
LinearVelocity.MaxForce = 10 -- Magnitude of the direction given earlier
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Thanks for your reply, i did that but nothing change, (HRP = Humanoid root part)

local LinearVelocity ="LinearVelocity",HRP)
			LinearVelocity.LineDirection =,5,0)
			LinearVelocity.MaxForce = 20

Idk how your bubble works but you can try adjusting the highlight of your character humanoid.

You also need to set the Attachment0 property of the LinearVelocity to an attachment. You also need to increase the MaxForce to a much bigger value(9999999999 or something). Otherwise nothing will happen.

You should also set the VectorVelocity property instead of the LineDirection, because LineDirection is probably not what you are looking for here.