Need Help With Loading Screen [DONE THX]

Hello Roblox Community,

I am currently working on a city life roleplay game and in case that the content gets much or something else like that. I would like to implent for saftey reasons a loading screen. So i have multiple questions.

I dont wanna use that standart script wich just makes a bar load after a certain time. I wanna know if there is a way for a script to check if a player loaded the content in "Workspace,Serverstorage,PlayerScripts etc… and then make him spawn.

Meaning that people with good PC’s load automaticly faster and people with bit bad PC’s load quite slower

also since roblox has its auto loading screen. Can i disable that or modify it because i want to do something similar like this where images popup and text screen giving some tips

however as im also one of the people who hate loading screens i would like to implent a feature for players to skip it meaning they get to spawn instant like usually.

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You can use RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen to remove the default roblox loading screen. If you wanna check if the game is fully loaded then you can use Game:IsLoaded

You can remove the default roblox loading screen with RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen, and you can also add your own custom loading screen, you can see more information in this post.

If you want to make a loading screen that disappears when everything is loaded, you can use game:IsLoaded() and game.Loaded.

There are some other useful functions to load or check if something is loaded, like PreloadAsync.

Any script, local script or module script related to the loading, must be in ReplicatedFirst. Thats because, everything thats in ReplicatedFirst with immediatly load before anything else.

To add onto that, you can also do:

if not game:IsLoaded() then
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thanks lads this infomation gonna be usefully for me.