Need help with making a Roblox VR game

Hello there, to get into VR I want to make a game similiar to Gorilla tag but I can’t seem to get the pushing to work. The way Gorilla tag works is that you use your arms to move by pushing them on the ground and you up, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the collision right in roblox I’ll try around more bout help would be appreciated!


I want to achieve collision between the arms and floor to move, not script it the script is already there but the arms noclip through the floor.

im not a master at coding, physics and other stuff but i found this open source thing to be helpful since it helps with the hand collision and stuff VR Climbing Demo (Opensourced Place-File)

although this post is like 10 months old and you probably have everything done and the way you want it, its probably best if i leave this here incase if you’re still looking for a solution

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I already found that Open Source file back when I was looking for something, still thank you for answering.