Need Help with making an Identification System!

I am currently making an identification system for my Death Note (A Death Note is where if you type the players name in it, they die, for this occasion you have to find out the players random generated name)

For now I am going to make a folder called First Names and Last Names and add IntValues in for the names I want to be generated out to each player. I dont really want any players to have the same generated name when its setting a name.

What functions should I focus on or what should I do?

  1. Everytime player joins, new name.
  2. Everytime they die from Death note, new name

I already have a string value that is set to a player when joining inside of ServerStorage

StringValue Name = Players Name
StringValues Value = Random Generated Name

Hi! You could have 2 tables of first names and last names.

local firstNames = {"John", "Alex", "..."}
local lastNames = {"Smith", "Jones", "..."}

Then just have a function create a name out of these 2 and compare that with already generated nicknames, if there is an equal name, generate again until it’s unique.