Need help with making text packs in studios


Does anyone know a good way to make western wild west text for roblox? Any tip could help. I’m trying to make a font for my new game but have never made text packs EVER. Any help would help, Thank you. :slight_smile:


As far as I’m aware of, there is no way to use any other fonts in the Roblox engine other than the defaults. Now, you could, if you wanted, manually upload each character of the font you’ve chosen into an ImageLabel and create a series of those image labels to resemble text. There’s going to be a lot of issues you may incounter with that method, like spacing, localization, and mostly the insane ammount of time it would probably take.


Definitely should give this a try! Thank you for the help.


You can upload a single image with all of the characters on it and slice it based on the character you need. It’s a lot easier than uploading them individually.

Otherwise I would make the text value a StringValue then slice the images according to the character needed. It would still be a bunch of ImageLabels pasted together but it is a way to avoid uploading each character individually.


I am kind-of late, but just like others said, you can just upload a single image with all of the stuff you need, cut it up.


There are modules that can help you with this, such as this one:


There is actually a plug-in for this exactly. You will have to play around with which text # you want since it doesn’t say exactly what is what. Otherwise there is a western style text within the plugin. You can type out anything and it will come out of the plugin. Very helpful! Made by @KinqAndi ! :smile:


I made a system like this about a year ago, I created a spritesheet system and used a program to transfer rtf files into a spritesheet image. It worked really well.


One possible way with this is to use an external program, such as photoshop or even, use one of the hundreds of fonts they offer, then export it as a png file, make sure there is no background to the text, just the text by itself, and then upload it to Roblox as a decal. Insert a part into studio and change the transparency to 1, insert a decal to the brick and insert the ID of the decal you uploaded to Roblox. Then if you need to change the color of the text at all you can simply locate to the image color found to the color you desire. This method is one of many, it allows you to use lots more text fonts.