Need help with multiplayer design

Hey :sunflower: ,

So I am developing a game called “Stack the Blocks!”. But for the past few months I have been ignoring an important aspect: multiplayer :video_game: .

I think that a PvP system could increase the overall engagement, revenue and retention.

Just look at this:

:bell: Now to solve this problem, I need your help. Currently I have no idea what the multiplayer system should look like.

Any ideas?

Game Overview (🖼️)

Thank you :star2:

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necesitarás agregar algunas animaciones realistas, un ícono genial, una miniatura y usar un título genial para este juego, por ejemplo: “Stacks”, y sería genial si lo haces.

English: you will need to add some realistic animations, and a cool icon, and a thumbnail, and use a cool title for this game, for example: “Stacks”, and it would be cool if you do that.

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Unfortunately, these types of games don’t usually perform well because they get boring pretty fast. There’s ways to combat this like making shops, pets, and other things your audience can interact with. I got to be honest, this isn’t exactly a game I would call fun. Then again, there’s many kids out there that might actually enjoy it. Long term though, I don’t really see this game becoming a big success, but who knows. Prove me wrong!

I don’t have many ideas for what to change or add to your game other than make some sort of level system and daily login streaks.

I wish your game the best, hopefully this feedback helps!

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Well, thanks for replying!

I have to say that I think it is already “popular” for me. It gets ~30 new players daily. It has already brought in about 500 :robux_light: with the game not even finished (it’s not a lot but still)!

I would just like to know your opinion on adding multiplayer to the game. Could it keep players playing, if I don’t add anything else?

Thanks :star:

Hey, thanks for the recommendations. I have though about changing the name, but it might be too close to an already existing game.

It could! Just keeping the players happy and making sure they enjoy the game is what’s best!