Need help with my game that is failing

So I have been working on this sword fighting game for months and have been struggling to get players to play my game. I’ve gotten around 20k visits already from putting in around 45k into ads and sponsors over the months I’ve been developing it. As you can see, the game is not doing well at all. ~50% like dislike ratio yet whenever I go in game to test it with different people, they say it is fun and different from other sword fighting games. Don’t really have the option to promote my game on social media since I don’t have a large following and whenever I do advertising in discord servers, I still barely get any visits. If someone could check out my game and please tell me what I should do to get my game going, it would mean a lot.

Game link: Sword Fight and Carry People ❄️ - Roblox

Hello! So i joined the game to give you some feedback. First thing is that my character model was completely of one color. Then i couldnt figure out what to do, there were no NPCs or players to battle so i just ended up leaving after checking the UIs. Maybe some indication on how to play would be good in game or an actual way to play alone. The other thing is the game title and icon i think dont seem too attractive to me, maybe something shorter on the title could work. Thats all i can say for now, dont give up, seems like it has some love put into it.

The character model is intentionally a solid color so that players can start customizing it when they unlock new accessories (probably should explicitly say that in the description) and the game is meant to be multiplayer which is why there are no NPCs. The main point of the game is to just kill other players, get coins, and buy skins/accessories in the shop. I made a Help button in the top bar for players to use but I might end up making a tutorial based on what you said. Thanks for the feedback!

I see, people love their avatars so maybe having the option to choose to keep theirs and buy stuff for that avatar could be good. I must admit it is a little abrupt when you join and your avatar looks like that. If you wanna keep that the way it is, then make sure to explain it in the description but also in game because not everybody reads the description. Also, try making the starting spawn somewhat more spaced out, feels a bit cluttered and could result in information overload along with all the UIs buttons that greet you as soon as you join. As for player retention, try to consider something a single player can do alone, even if its simple as collecting stuff like coins or snowballs for lesser points than what a kill could bring you, that way if someone joins has some way to progress. Goodluck!


Sounds great! I’ll try to implement as much as I can.

I think that the concept is great, but the execution of the game could’ve gone better. I do not mean this in a negative manner whatsoever and I apologize if it comes off that way. I’m trying to be constructive but not by bringing you down.

The UI feels very cluttered for mobile and is a bit overwhelming to be honest. And the avatar headshot & touch controls are a bit obstructed by it. Maybe you could move up the options on mobile and:

  • Place redeem codes in settings
  • Have a separate menu for clans where you can select the page (if that makes any sense)
  • Combine the controls into the help page on the top bar to eliminate clutter further?

Also the viewport outline is a bit distracting to me, I believe this is fixable by setting the viewport background color to 80,80,80.

And then for the scrollers in your game it’d be nice to have them only go as far as the actual options themselves did. Most games don’t do it and it’s really annoying to me, but that’s probably just a me thing. This can be fixed by setting the ‘CanvasSize’ property to {0,0},{0,0} and setting ‘AutomaticCanvasSize’ to AutomaticSizeY.

Have fun developing! Cool game concept, just needs a bit of polishing to me.

stg if I’m self diagnosing with OCD after this post

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Hello (sorry for the late reply!) Thank you for your feedback on my game. I have just made a few changes on the game based on what you have stated. Feel free to check them out and send more feedback if you have any.

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