Need help with organizing remote events

I have a lot of particles, which are made to activate via the server, which uses two remote events. “ParticleStart” for it to start when I press the corresponding key bind, and “ParticleStop” for it to stop when I let go of the key.

But, I ran into a problem.
All of the particles play at the same time no matter what key I press, and I’m not sure how to have them separated.

Here are the scripts: (first is a LocalScript, second is a ServerScript) (each script uses ParticleStart and ParticleStop)

Is there any way to fix this so every particle doesn’t play from one key?

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The script looks good to me. Could there maybe be another script that interferes? Maybe you made another script fire the ParticleStart event by accident? Also, no reason to pass the input to the server if you are already checking on the client.

Well this script is the same as all other ones, except it just looks at a different model, hence “FountainB”

I’m not sure why it plays every single particle when it specifies different models. Maybe it’s because they all use the same remote event?

If they both use the same events, then there’s (possibly one of) your problem(s). In your event, you don’t specify what fountain needs to be activated, so if they both use the same event, then you’ll probably activate both at once (unless that is what you intend to do). You might want to pass what fountain needs to be activated as an event argument (e.g.: Event:FireServer("FountainA")) and activate only that fountain.

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