Need Help with PBR textured models

Hello. i recently made a couple blender 3D models and textured them with PBR materials. however i want to export them to roblox for use in a game and i soon learned that Roblox doesn’t support PBR materials. soo i was wondering if i can somehow export these models while keeping their textures. by baking the PBR into a single image png maybe or ? anything i can do to make them look close to how they do inside blender? or do i have to use base colors only ?


You are able to add PBR materials into roblox studio by going to roblox studio, File > Beta Features > Advanced SurfaceAppearance Textures and enable it. Once you restart studio you will be able add a SurfaceAppearance into the mesh.


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Will this work in a playable Roblox game? i heard it only works inside the Roblox studio beta.

I heard that aswell but I don’t know if they updated it so it allows PBR, I’m going to test it now and let you know.

According to Roblox this works:

Yet when I tried it it didnt work…
I might have not saved the game after I added the textures.


Soo what i did was just take images each PBR material inside the studio and used that as texture ID. it doesn’t really look good, but whatever…

in blender, have a good lighting setup and then bake it to a single texture. look up how to do this. it’ll look alot better.

Modify the texture’s brightness using some photo editing tool.

Right now, it is only a studio thing. I am sure that when this feature gets released to all games, it will auto-update on a new server. Might as well just put the PBR texture in the game and wait for it to release. This is the only game that has it enabled.

SurfaceAppearance takes four maps: Normal, Roughness, Metallic, and Color. I’m not that familiar with exporting them from Blender but I have a tutorial on how to do it from Substance Painter. While different in technical application the theory is similar.