Need Help With Retention

So i’ve looked around the web and stuff and a lot of the things I found are just on the dev forum like this for their own games. So what exactly makes people always want to come back? Is it stuff around grinding stuff, or something else?
Heres my game: Random Room - Roblox
Before you say anything, I am aware it is not the most fun thing in the world. It is why I am here.

I need some feedback. What can we add to make players want to come back? What can we add that people will want to buy? What can we do to make the game more fun overall?

It will be a lot easier to play test and answer, but I will explain it.

Random Room is basically a combination of Normal Elevator and Epic Minigames.
You are in a room, and random events happen either inside the room or outside the room. You can walk outside, or you get teleported to a different room for certain events. There is not many events at the moment (like 15-20), but that is a plan in the future to add more.

Would quests be a good idea? Something else? Please give us ANY feedback you have. Thanks!


I love the game! It’s evident you put some work into this. The biggest reason I believe you might be experiencing problems retaining players is because there’s no real reason to come back. Once you’ve seen all of the situations there’s no incentive to play.

I’d try to implement a new scenario on a regular basis, and try to let players know about this before they’re gone. People won’t come back unless you tell them “Hey, something new is coming next week!”. They’ll just assume they’ve seen it all. I have two minor suggestions as well, the radio volume was crazy loud in my experience. And the things you can buy with the coins don’t really seem to enhance the gameplay.

It’s obvious by your visit count that you are on to something here. Keep working at it and I’m sure you can get that player count back up.


Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

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