Need help with Roblox Id's!

This is my second post on the forums, so please correct me if I have put this in the wrong category or said something inappropriate.

I’m currently developing a game, and have just come across this issue. I can’t find anything online to help me. What ID Number is the classic bloxy torso, left arm and other body parts. What I’m talking about is this:

Thank you.

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Hey there softdevv,

I don’t think the game settings window will help. Because the classic torso and other body parts are all actually the default and absence of any characterMeshes.

If you’d like to remove them from characters then I suggest putting a script into your game like this:

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")
local Players=game:GetService('Players')

Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function (plr)
plr.CharacterAdded:Connect(function (char)

	local objs = char:GetDescendants()
	for _,obj in pairs(objs) do
		if obj:IsA('CharacterMesh') then

Hope this helps, I’m not an expert on the topic of roblox character meshes. But pair this script with R6 characters set in your game settings. If ya run into trouble, let me know.