Need help with scripting UI effect*

I am trying to make UI for buying crates and I want it to look something similar to this
(quick sketch)

I need to know a way to do this because I am unsure. You can probably understand from the image but if you don’t, whenever you click next/previous button the ‘cells’ would cycle through and the middle one would become larger than the ones on the sides to give it a cool effect*
If you know anything I should do that would help me please let me know,
Thank You!


I think i get what your saying, tweening will be good for this. Not the best at tweening but i know a brief ammount.

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Whenever the button is clicked tween the big thing in front to be small then continue and continue.

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It’s not the tweening part I need help with, it’s what would be the best way to make it to get everything in order and loop around so if I’m at number 10 and the next number is clicked it goes back to number 1. Thank you for trying :slight_smile:

I need help with this because only 3 of the frames would be visible, and I would have to make the rest invisible or move them out of bounds so they are not seen

Still need help, If you know anything that could help please tell me

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You’d probably want to store your objects in a table and fill in the 3 slots based on where a counter variable is. Whenever the left arrow is clicked you’d subtract one from the counter and whenever the right button is clicked you’d add one to the counter. Then you could get the index in the table by doing counter % #table which would allow you to cycle around the table however many times you want.


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Code is a little messy but it works well.

BoxScroll.rbxl (25.1 KB)