Need help with scripts for stands (like pls donate)

I need help with rearranging some scripts to better fit my game style. There are stand set up like pls donate, where once a player donates so much Robux it will unlock better stands. It’s not rocket science but I’m trying to get this game out sooner then latter and it’s going to take me to long to figure it out, I’d rather pay someone robux to just jump in with me on this a get it done.

you can use a script to play every like 10 seconds, if the player has like 10 donated or over the script will award them something like this

while wait(5) do --runs every 5 seconds
--here put the leaderstat values and other stuff



not wait()

while wait(5) do


it works fine like that, could you explain pls :slight_smile:

Since you’re describing a loop, here’s something that can inform about that.

Ok I see where your going with this, but it would be a lot easier to show in game I could add you as a editor, if you had some time to check it out.


thats all i gotta say, but i need 30 letters to send something

Lol I know right, ok I sent you a friend request. Once you accept it, I can add you as editor.

How do you want to communicate besides on here?

You can store them using an IntValue and fire a function when the value changes:


Ah, also, the main difference between wait() and task.wait is that wait yields the whole script, whilist task.wait() only yields the thread it is called in. Not mentioning that task.wait() is far more accurate than wait().
This also applies for stuff like task.spawn().

Ok, I appreciate everyone’s help I really do, but what I really need is someone to come into my game a help hands on kinda thing, I’m willing to pay for whatever time it takes.