Need help with sending players data with teleport service

		local playersToTP = {}
		local Data
		for i, playerInParty in pairs(ReplicatedStorage.PrivateParties[value1].Players:GetChildren()) do			
			table.insert(playersToTP, Players[playerInParty.Value])

			local Person = Players[playerInParty.Value]

			Data = {
				["ServerType"] = "Public";
				["Strength"] = math.random(1,105)
		local tpOptions ="TeleportOptions")
		tpOptions.ShouldReserveServer = true
		tps:TeleportAsync(placeId, playersToTP, tpOptions, Data)

How would I send each players data ?

Read this for more information on sending data: Teleporting Between Places

For secure data transmission, you need to store data via data store.

For non-secure data transmission, you could treat data as a table. So you could try adding [“PlayersData”] = {}, with {} being replaced with a table with the players data. I’ve not tested this myself but I don’t see why it would not work. However, as stated on the Roblox page, this should strictly be for nonsecure data. This is because an exploiter can modify the teleport data, meaning if you send money through the teleport, then an exploiter could modify the data to give them 9999999 cash.

okay this helps me more but it’s not with what I’m trying to find because all I want is to have all the players data so then i can give them their data on the new server.