Need help with skirt physics!

So I have a 3d skirt modelled, and I was wondering how I’d be able to attach it to the legs so that it deforms with the legs when the legs move so that the legs don’t clip through the legs.


Here is what the skirt looks like with an idle animation playing:

Does this have to do with using attachments and constraints? If so, does this skirt need to be rigged?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Maybe you’re looking for something like a skinned mesh:

I figured as much, but how would you be able to attach the ends of the skirt to the legs so that the skirt moves with the legs? Is it even possible, or would the skirt need to be animated manually?

I have not worked with skinned meshes before, so I am unsure. I’m sure there are answers on the post.

Here is an answer I found from the post concerning skinned accessories for R15 parts:

I saw that part of the post a while back. Anybody able to explain what it means exactly?

I’m pretty sure the answer you provided doesn’t apply to making the skirt deform when the legs move. I just went on a wild goose chase and followed instructions on how to get skinned meshpart accessories to work with humanoids, and the furthest I got was being able to attach the accessory to the desired location with the accessory object + bones. Does not deform at all.

Does anybody know if this is even possible?

I actually found another person looking to create something similar in this post:

He got an answer that didn’t really even apply to his question. We’re asking how we would make this accessory dynamically move with the legs to prevent clipping, not on how to simply weld it as an accessory or to import it as a custom rig to be used in the animation editor.

Yeah I thought at the time it was the solution but I got no where with it haha

Have you seen any indication that what we’re trying to do is even possible? lol

It very much is:

I’ve tried asking around but no one seems to know how to do it. I even asked the developers for this and wasn’t given a clear answer.

Oof. Well, I’ll keep looking around I guess. I’ll share the answer with you if I end up finding it.

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Alright so I’ve figured it out a bit but a lot more work needs to be done. It’s a little complex but I’ll try my best to explain:

Using the example of the skirt, here’s what I did:

  1. Create the bone of the skirt on blender, with the bones matching the bones of the left and right left legs as well as the lower torso(UpperLeg, LowerLeg, LowerTorso). For now, we’ll call these bones LeftLeg, RightLeg, LowerTorso, with 5 bones in total.

  2. Once imported into studio, check to see if the deformation is working by rotating the bones and see if the mesh rotates accordingly.

  3. Parent the skirt into the character, resize and position appropriately.

  4. Connect the lower torso to the skirt with a Motor6D, and be sure to connect it in place, I used the Moon Animator Plugin - more specifically the Weld Edit.

  5. Reparent the bones to the specific limbs e.g. LowerTorso bone into the LowerTorso limb, you’re gonne need to mess around with the bone position once you do reparent.

Here’s the results:

Some work needs to be done, but at least I know it’s definitely possible.


you can script it yourself but it doesn’t seems to be really good, i hope roblox one day will add clothing physics so we can use skinned mesh clothings for characters. (btw you don’t need to script a whole clothing physics you can use animations too)

I am pretty much stuck, I just don’t get how bones work and there’s not much documentation to tell otherwise. From what I know, If I try to reparent bones to somewhere else besides the HumanoidRootPart (or it’s main bone), it’ll not function. Can you guys provide a sample of the skirt to be able to be used as experiment by everyone here?

After scurrying through all my old place versions and files, I manage to dig up the one used for the test experiment above. Just a heads up, this is NOT a perfect mesh and simply a test one, it will not match up with character limbs. A lot of the work will be done on Blender if you attempt this since you cannot apply such bone data within studio (as of yet, although I wish they would add this in the future).

Test Skirt.rbxm (8.0 KB)

Skirt Physics is definitely impossible to perfect as of now unless they added cloth physics similar to Unity and Unreal Engine. BlockZone cheated their way through around skirts as they just seperated skirt into two parts which would be LeftUpperLeg and RightUpperLeg.

It is never impossible to make skirt to be very accurate with skinned meshes because weight always changes everytime you move forward with your right leg and move forward with your left leg.