Need help with starting Art designs

I want commissions on my art here on Roblox but I’ve never done it before. So it would be great if I could get help on it. I also dont use the Roblox platform to make the art. If this is on the wrong cateragory they dont be afraid to tell me. Thanks!

My personal favorite editing software:

Just a note you can’t sell art here. You can do commissions though.
You can go to #collaboration:portfolios to create a portfolio for people to find and #collaboration:recruitment to find jobs and commissions.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll edit the post and I’ll look into the app.

You should start out taking small jobs than building up a portfolio which you can post on the dev forum to get even more expensive commissions a portfolio should look something like this!

What type of art are you designing? If your going with 3D art like GFX, I’d recommend blender. It’s free, easy, and you can make incredible images if your doing it correctly.

If your going with 2D art, learn which styles you need to draw.