Need help with string.match()


Yesterday I started making something cool (seems cool for me at least) whenever you hover your mouse on a player’s character GUI pops up saying click to view this player profile but before I do that I need to have players profile description

Place Visits and Join Date

i already made code that gets source of the website thanks to @IdiomicLanguage

But now I am struggling with string.match() because to get the numbers that I want require me to use string.match() which I don’t know exactly how to use it and nothing helped me at all when I searched it. here is roblox profile html code

how can i get Followers,Friends,Following,Description,Join Date and Place Visits


It’s very difficult to use string.match to find html elements since it’s very conformative. I’d recommend finding the API endpoints for getting blurbs, bios and other profile details.

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The problem is I can not find any API endpoints that give me players description.

I’m assuming it’s somewhere in the JavaScript, because I believe roblox uses Angular and I’m pretty sure you need endpoints to use Angular. Maybe try checking chrome sources or network?

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I’m not sure of how to exactly use it. The proxy I use is But this might give you a hint.

PlaceVisits is the textbox.

PlaceVisits.Text = "Place Visits: "…(string.match(extradata, "Place Visits<p class=text%-lead>(.-)<"))

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I somehow got Players join date like this

	local text = "Join Date<p class=text-lead>2/27/2006<li"

Perhaps, something like this.

joindate = string.match(extradata, "Join Date<p class=text%-lead>(.-)<")

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That also works. It is better then the one I am using so I would use yours.

Place Visits

print(string.match(Respond.Body,"Place Visits<p class=text%-lead>(.-)<"))

So this means I can use this method (. -) to get users Followers, Friends, Following count.

Now only thing left is user description.

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