Need help with string.split

i want to put this value into a textlabel but when I do it only gives me the first value

it only gives me the first value when I use textlabel.Text = table[1], table[2]

I have tried using in pairs loop but whenever I do I only get the first value

local line1 = linesFolder.Line1

local line1V = string.split("Hello|"..Player.Name.."|Welcome to the game", "|")
for _,v in pairs(line1V) do 
	line1V.Value = v 

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Try doing TextLabel.Text = table[1].." "..table[2]

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You don’t even need string.split here

local v = "Hello|"..Player.Name.."|Welcome to the game"
line1V.Value = v

just concatenate strings and set the value

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