Need help with swinging door

did i do something wrong with the door?

i have searched so many tutorials and they’re all so complicated


You may refer to this tutorial:

is it necessary for the game you’re making for the doors to be Hinged? or can it be toggleable? I mostly prefer using prompts on this one bc I gave up on doing the hinge kind of doors plus they are very glitchy.

i want it to be a swinging door and i’ve tried toggable but didn’t know how to tween multiple parts together

just weld all your parts and then tween the cframe of the base of the door.

You can also tween a “hinge” part in which all the parts of the door are welded to, doing this gives the door a pivot effect

how would i do this with multiple parts?

Just like a Real Door, you would need a Door Hinge that will be the main part of what you are going to rotate to the preferred opened Angles of a Door.

Next you would need to Weld all of your Door’s Parts (or the multiple Parts) to the Door Hinge. You got to make these Door Parts unanchored because the Weld will hold them off together.

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