Need help with textures in blender

Ok, so if you have seen my recent post, I am making a little shoulder buddy, but when texturing, it just shows purple instead of my texture.

If anybody knows how to fix this, please tell me how. Thank you!

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I’m not a modeler but I think going under shading and adding a new material then dragging in your texture and connecting it to the base color might work (Idk if it’s the same for texture as it is for color palettes).

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Where is the button for adding a new material?

Click on the “X” and then press “new” to get a new material

Oh wait I think you have to go shader editors first and make sure you have the image texture out:
Then press this photograph-looking button next to “+ New” and you should have this, if you’re trying to insert an image texture from file or anything then just press open
Now select your texture where you created in the Texture paint tab(I named my texture “Texture”) and your object should be black

And now you’re ready to paint it!

Hmm, can’t find the button :I
All it shows is this. Hmmmm…

Oh you have to Press “Shift + A” and press search “Image Texture”image
And then just follow the steps there

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