Need Help With This --- Scripting Mayhem

Hello, so I am not in anyway shape or form a Scripter, I know a bit of JavaScript because I was interested in that, Lua seems better to use and I can make my own games if I learn Lua, so that is what I’m going to do, because I know some JavaScript I therefore know some Lua.

(Even though they’re different languages and such yeah, I know but some things do factor over)

Okay well, if I was to script a Kill Script and a Spin Script but make it so the Spin Script isn’t in effect unless the value (children’s value which would be a value object) is “Killer Spinner” but have some parts not have the “Killer Spinner” value would that cause lag because of the unnecessary script below?


I am not asking how to make a Kill Brick or a Spinning Part, I am asking wither having that unnecessary script in some parts be a problem for lag, obviously I have a strong PC so it wouldn’t effect me that much, I’m meaning more for Mobile users.

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It depends on it, if there is only one or two or even ten, it’s not a problem.
But if there are a lot of these then it can effect the gameplay.

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