Need help with trail image

I am trying to make a player trail that looks like a a player but it keeps getting stretched, I want it to look like like this.

See? the gem trail doesn’t look stretched at all. I want it to be just like that but with the player on the trail.

local plr = script.Parent.Parent.Parent

script.Parent.SurfaceGui.ImageLabel.Image  = ""..plr.Name

The user that has made the Trail in that image is using a instance named “Trails”, now “Trails” are very very useful in creating trails and is the most efficient and recommendable way on doing trails, a “Trail” is a Instance within ROBLOX that you can apply images to, you can also edit the stretch and the width,

Here’s a link to help you, Trail. Hopefully this helped!

Sorry but I am still confused. Could you send me a script that works?

This might help.

It’s recommended to use this for player images as it is more likely to be up to date

but you can do what you want

There is a property you can change.

Simply do

Trail.TextureMode = Enum.TextureMode.Static

To control how 'ong the Texture is use TextureLength

Trail.TextureLength = 4

So is there a way to get a player head pic instead of the whole body? Also is there a way to rotate the pic?