Need help with train gliders

Hello, my friend and I have been trying to find an efficient way to make gliders but this always happen

I know there’s a lot of topics about this but none can help us.

The system simply use a BodyVelocity and a weld script.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe extend the rails further away from the object. It probably can’t squeeze through because the rail placement isn’t precise enough.

Well I tried thisimage, but it doesn’t work. I also tried to make the gliders a bit away from the track but it doesn’t work

Maybe try to bring the ball glider thingy underneath the part more closer to eachother or use a different glider design or maybe make the turn more wide so it doesn’t get stuck easily. I also had that problem as well and using body velocity for train is kinda unstable and stiff in my opinion.
So I decided to just use tweening and nodes for my train.

Well we already tried a lot of designs but none of them really worked. And yeah I know how BodyMovers are unstable but i don’t think tweening or CFrame would work for us