Need help with video

So, Idk where this should go but I’ve created a main menu for my new game using a Video. I put the main menu in Lighting, and the video plays once it’s in studio but does not play when I test it in game. Anyone know what I’ve done wrong?

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I made a mistake, lol. Have you enabled the “Playing” property of the video though?

yes i have. sitll dont work for some reason

It worked for me. I think you have to add like screen gui or somthing.

even if u have it in lighting?

I have already but im not sure on why its not working, its within a screen gui put in lighting

You put gui on game.Lighting? Thats should not work.

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Hiya, may you show a picture of your hierarchy in lighting and what your trying to accomplish?

where can iu put it then, cuz me

Put it into game.StarterGui / StarterGui in explorer. Lighting is only used for SkyBoxes and Effects, not gui elements, like videos, images, etc.

Sometimes it may be used to store items , like tools.