Need help with wave script again

Hello, i need help again with this wave, i am new to this, i used this script suggested by a dev here, but everytime i die, the wave restarts to 1

local wave = 0

while true do
	wave += 1
	script.Parent.Text = 'Wave: '..wave

Are you using this in a local script? And is that local script located inside the StarterCharacterScripts? If so, then that’s most likely your problem. Also, if you’re making a wave system, then you should have a variable in place of the true so that the loop can end/restart.

i put this script to game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.wavetext.Text and not local script

where should i put this script?

If it’s in a screen GUI, then you just need to set the LayerCollector.ResetOnSpawn property of the screen GUI to false in the properties window.

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ok i will try that thank u so much

hello i just wanna say it worked, thank u so much

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