Need help with welded parts in Moon Animator; Welded parts do not move independently

I am working on facial animations and using moon animator to merge every animation segment together so it can run on Roblox. However, for this facial animation, the teeth are not directly connected to the bones in the face, so I would have to weld the teeth to the face model. This method used to work, where the teeth are welded to the head model and is able to move independently, saving time lining up every frame. Now when I try it, the teeth act as if they are anchored and the source of motion from every other part of the rig. The teeth moving causes every other part to move with it
This is what used to work, and what was desirable:

This is the animation I want to use, without the teeth welded:

This is the animation with the teeth welded, causing the teeth to not move independently and moving every other part:

No matter what way I would weld it (moon animator welder, other plugins, doing it myself) or where the parts are (in the face model, the rig model, etc.) it wouldn’t change

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