Need idea help for Grill Game!

So I have been browsing countless Roblox cafe/restraunt roleplay games to get ideas for my group, Dayron Grill. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what I should do as I am kinda stumped, thanks!

About the game:

The game is a Roleplay game based off real life fast food places. Sort of like Verde, Coast Grill, ect

Please explain more. What do you want your game to be about?

1.) Grill competition > Make some type of cooking game where 2 players go head to head in a match off to see who can grill the best.

2.) Grill simulator > allow players to become a grill and let people cook on them.

3.) Poison grill > A cooking game that makes players cook food and sort out the bad/poisoned/expired cooking.

4.) Grill tycoon > Make some type of restaurant tycoon where the end goal is to get the best grill

5.) Another grill tycoon > make a tycoon where you’re able to build a gril from set parts and people rate it or something.

idk you can probably get creative with a few of these ideas lmao.

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Okay i updated it hope this helps.