Need Ideas for a game

I’m thinking of creating a game similar to bee swarm simulator or pet simulator X and was wondering if you guys have any cool ideas?

Other ideas for small-ish games are welcomed!


You could make wasp swarm simulator and hope you don’t get in trouble.

Lol. Pretty sure I would plus wasps don’t collect honey nor pollen

ya, but you could get points for stinging people…

:exploding_head: THAT’S ACTUALLY A GOOD IDEA!


Oh dang you’re right that is a good idea THANK YOU

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Your welcome! I was just joking but I stumbled on something amazing!

Yeah I sometimes do that too. I wonder what a good name for it could be? Like Stinging Legends or smth


Super stinging squad?

Warrior Wasps?

Maybe S.T.I.N.G: Insect Legends?

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ooohhhh! That’s a good one too!

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I kinda like Warrior Wasps so thank you for the great ideas!

Your welcome! Glad I could help!

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Can you send me the link to the game when you finish it or need testers? I’m already exited!

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