Need ideas for mobs in my Tower Defense game

I think the title is straight forward enough.

I wanted mobs that aren’t used that much in these games, like zombies, anime characters, etc.
Please be free to give some ideas!

animals, beasts, other robloxians perhaps??

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Possibly some mythological creatures?

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Goblins that throw mud at towers and stuns them for 0.3 seconds doesn’t have a lot of health, me cause im an amazing monster that throws up at towers and does nothing thats all.

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What about Monster or Dark creatures
Here some idea I can think

  • Critter (Normal Enemy)
  • Dark Beast (Hidden Can heal Enemy Nearby)
  • Brutel (Slow but have high Health)
  • Mass Soul (Hidden but Fast)
  • Spirit (Hidden)
  • Former (Really Slow but high Health and Shield)
  • Mortal (Boss)
  • Speedy (Fast Enemy)
  • Blaster (When kill give radius to stun tower)
  • Rouge (Normal Enemy but when in range this enemy can swing sword to stun tower)
  • Scamp (Normal Enemy)
  • Rascal (Normal Enemy)
  • Vechain (Fast Enemy and High Health)