Need ideas on games

I have no idea what to make for a game I’ve been thinking for months. It can really be anything.

Tell me if the topic is too simple. I am still kinda new to the dev forum.

This is prob in the wrong catagory

Hello! Here are some game ideas that could help you: Obby’s (Mega Fun Obby, Impossible Obby, Possible Obby, etc…), Simulator’s (Lawn Mowing Simulator, Space Simulator, Slaying Simulator), and Roleplay type games (Robloxian Highschool, Life In Paradise, Adopt me!)

I hope these suggestions possibly helped you out! :slight_smile:



Make an open world MMORPG with a storyline, for example World of Magic or Zelda Botw, Roblox is currently filled with simulators and obbys…


try remastering a old game, like teapots of doom or anything classic!
most players will play that since they remember old games

In General if you are trying to make a popular game try to make a horror game. Horror games seem to be popular currently on roblox. Making a horror game. Exp: Piggy.

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Also, try changing old games to appeal to a younger audience. You may be able to get lots of visits.

And most importantly, make a game that keeps e’m coming back!


Personally, I don’t go for visits, my goal is to raise the target audience of ROBLOX to people of older ages as well.

Here’s another Idea that came to mind:
A story game

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RPG, those aren’t really seen.


i agree, like add mechanics like rocket jumping and other things that people seem 2 like!